Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leave A Light On

From what we hear the maintenance crews at Corrections Corporation of America's Stewart Detention Center are going to be really busy this week. A source from the Detention Centers alleges that the maintenance supervisor would not previously order parts for housing units because he did not want to break his CCA mandated budget. From what we have heard more than 50 cells have been without lights for close to 3 months now. Counting detainees in the dark must be a real challenge. It's a good thing those bulbs finally came in this week. I am sure that ICE is doing such a great job in monitoring this contract that something like this just could not be going on. Just don't pay any attention to all the work orders for burned out light bulbs or all those maintenance crews running around on the facilities surveillance cameras replacing them...

I tell you what, next time your multi-million dollar profit making company decides that light bulbs are not in the budget for three months just drop me an email. I will see if I can put together a bake sale in the Stewart Detention Center parking lot to buy them for you.

Perhaps Warden Swinton just needs to get Tom Bodett to join his maintenance team...

Please keep in mind that all opinions expressed here are just that. Please cross check anything you read before forming your own opinion.

"Absolutely CCA does not cut corners to save costs." Surely they would not lie.....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vance Laughlin Update

We have had a few people mention the fact that Vance Laughlin allegedly went to the hospital Christmas week. Rumour has it for a heart attack. We have received one or two comments that this blogs "Twelve days of Vance Laughlin" Christmas coverage may have led to his medical problems.

After some debate we have decided to publicly reply to this situation. To be brutally honest this blog does not track or even care about Vance Laughlin's health status. We will leave any medical problems of his up to others to confirm or deny. This blog only cares about reporting on his rather shoddy leadership history of poor choices and very bad decisions.

That said, this blog does not accept any responsibility for any health problems he allegedly has. For the record I would like to remind everyone that I gave Vance Laughlin the opportunity to resign prior to reporting any allegations regarding his activities. Perhaps that is an option he should of pursued.

Additionally this blog accepts no responsibility for any of his alleged health problems caused by The 270 View reporting any actions that he allegedly chose to make. If Vance Laughlin (or his employer Corrections Corporation of America) had made better choices perhaps he would not have to worry about this humble blog reporting any embarrassing facts about him or his bad leadership decisions.

We do however wish Vance Laughlin a speedy recovery. The 270 View would not wish a heart attack upon anyone, not even Vance Laughlin.....

Please keep in mind that all opinions expressed here are just that. Please cross check anything you read before forming your own opinion.