Thursday, August 6, 2009

CCA Puts A Mirror on Natchez Community (And us all)

As SDC's former Warden Vance Laughlin gets ready to open up yet another detention center for CCA it seems that predjudice and fear are coming out yet again. The comments (on the local story linked below) about the detention center receiving it's first immigrant prisoners say a lot about all of us. I believe that you could find the same fears and predjudice almost anywhere in this country and that these views are not only known in Natchez, Mississippi. Whether you are for or aginst for profit incarceration and the immigration debate in whole, Natchez (like the rest of the country) has many people who can be both respectful and intelligent in making observations but Natchez also has it's share of people that cling to ignorant prejudices that we humans can't seem to entirely break free from. If nothing else then I hope the immigration debate will bring about an end to these human short comings and allow us to all become better people whether we support or oppose for profit prisons and current immigration policies.

Welcome to the Immigration Debate Natchez.

The story and comments can be found here.