Wednesday, February 29, 2012


LOVE LIFE: The Tale of Steve Fugate from Erin Henning on Vimeo.

I am going to change gears here for a post. I usually don't cover non-detention/immigration related matters on this blog. However a few weeks ago I received a link to the video posted above from one of my good friends and a fellow Vero Beach High School classmate from many, many years ago. After watching it I have thought about it a lot over the last week or two. I have posted it above and I would like to encourage you to take a few minutes and watch it. Mr. Fugate's son, Stevie Lee Fugate, was also a Vero Beach High School classmate. While I did not know him well I do remember that he was a friendly and nice person.

This Saturday Mr. Fugate completed walking over 30,000 miles through 48 states in honor of both his children in Oakland, California. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a story about him completing his walk on our local Dothan stations website. My understanding is that while his walking days might of ended he is currently fundraising to purchase a vehicle in order to keep getting his very important message out. If you wish to support him you can purchase LOVE LIFE merchandise from here. Mr. Fugate's website can also be found here.

Imagine how great the world would be if we all were so passionate about a message of are own that addressed a problem in the world. My message for the last few years has been immigration abuse. Mr. Fugate's message is an even more important and powerful one of loving life. What's your message? Don't have one? Why not?