Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are SDC Correctional Officers Under Paid?

This one should really anger every single Detention Officer at the Stewart Detention Center. To be honest it amazes the hell out of me. Most Stewart Detention Center officers are driving rather long distances and the price of gas and the increasing price of groceries is not helping matters. Trust me I know how hard you are working for the pay you receive. But I can't help but wonder how all these Detention Officers will feel once they learn that CCA is not paying them a comparable rate to what they pay Detention Officers at CCA Detention Centers in other states. But don't take my word for it, take CCA's.

"Employees at the CCA Nevada Southern Detention Center will be paid based on federal wage determination. A competitive starting wage of $25 per hour for entry-level detention officers is but one feature of a comprehensive compensation package...."

Think I'm crazy? Well just click here and read it for yourself off of CCA's own website. In case your wondering thats about $52,000 a year by my math.

So what are you worth? Evidently not $52,000 a year starting out. I don't even think a Captain at SDC makes that. I guess CCA values Nevada Detention Officers more than Georgia Detention Officers. It just don't seem fair. I would probably get together and ask for a raise. Maybe tell them you were all born in Nevada.