Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Inside Look At The 270 View's Birth

Prior to being The 270 View we were Some of you might have seen the press release we sent out to the news media and various consulates located in Atlanta, GA and at places like the GALEO website.

The press release detailed how we had uncovered evidence that Stewart Detention Center Assistant Warden Charlie Peterson had apparently purchased a fake college degree from a very well known "Diploma Mill" named Ashwood College. Assistant Warden Peterson allegedly even felt so bulletproof that he tacked his degree up on to the wall of his office. This was embarrassingly enough just a couple of years after Homeland Security fell for the same scam.

We have asked Louise Grant (CCA Vice President of Marketing & Communications) to comment on Mr. Peterson's alleged diploma mill degree and the status of his employment. We will update this blog if CCA decides to respond to these important issues.

It amazes me that a novice blogger group like us can uncover all of these facts but somehow this big corporate machine with millions of dollars can't figure it out for themselves. CCA claims they are better at corrections than the government but they sure seem to fall for a lot of the same tricks.

In response to this press release we received an email from a "Steven Markus" at He said "This is a huge story. Editor needs confirmation to run. I need to contact you. I need a real name and position at the prison (I assume) that I will not print. Thanks." Just for a laugh we wrote him back asking a few questions and he never responded.

It's obvious to us that this was a sad attempt by CCA to get The 270 View's identities. But seriously did you really think that we would not know that newsman have company emails that end in etc. Maybe that type of intensive investigative skills is why bogus college degree's apparently slip by.

I posted the video below of the dog that allegedly graduated from the same school as Stewart Detention Center's Assistant Warden Charlie Peterson. We hear that Warden Peterson left the facility shortly after The 270 View's press release went out. I think I know why.