Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coming Later This Week on The 270 View

The final two parts of the View's Spotlight on Detainee Health Care will be out later this week.

We want to thank the folks at InmateAbuse.tv for promoting The 270 View on the InmateAbuse.tv website. The folks at InmateAbuse.tv have so far earned three Emmy Awards and five Edward R. Murrow Awards for investigations into correctional abuse. They have been raising serious questions about CCA's Marion County Jail for some time now and have succeeded in bringing about some very significant changes at that facility. InmateAbuse.tv provides a great service to us all by highlighting issues of institutional abuse by companies like CCA.

We also want to thank Anton Flores and his Alterna Community for continuing to monitor actions at the Stewart Detention Center. Anton's support of The 270 View is very much appreciated. We look forward to working with Mr. Flores in the future. One of the Detainee Health Care Spotlight stories will also cover some medical issues that Mr. Flores and Alterna were involved with bringing to the publics attention.