Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Charlie Peterson Update

We reported before about how it appears that CCA's Assistant Warden Charlie Peterson (formerly of the Stewart Detention Center) apparently bought a college degree in order to get ahead (from the same well known school that apparently awards dogs college diploma's). Well it appears that CCA is not bothered by this type of unethical behavior. Apparently are friend Charlie has now gotten himself another Assistant Warden position with CCA. This time at the companies newest Georgia facility in Hall County.

This facility will apparently house 500 ICE detainees for immigration violations. It's amazing to us that ICE let's Charlie continue working at facilities they contract out if (as it appears) Charlie did in fact buy a fake diploma mill degree. I wonder why ICE does not regulate it's contracted facilities better. Don't they have standards in just who works at subcontracted tax payer paid for Detention Centers? It appears that The 270 View's reporting got him removed from the Stewart Detention Center but not from CCA. I guess at the end of the day if you really wanted to make the big bucks with CCA the best move you could make to get ahead would be to invest in a fraudulent diploma mill degree. I'm not sure what they pay an Assistant Warden but it has to be a pretty good return on a couple hundred dollar investment. And it's not like CCA does not know about this fraud, we have been reporting on it for months. We are very much aware that they read are little blog.

The story is here.

In the story linked above written by Gainsville Times reporter Harris Blackwood the new facilities Warden Stacey Stone states "We are eager to hire the best and brightest candidates to work in our detention center, and we look forward to becoming an active, strong part of this community."

Here is a link for Hall Counties "brightest Candidates." The 270 View wants to help you get ahead in the CCA hiring process. Who knows they might even need to hire another Assistant Warden.

If I was a resident of Hall County, GA then I would start doing some research into just what is and has been going on with CCA.

Reporter Blackwood's story also talks about how 8 out of every 100 people in Hall County are unemployed. Here is some more free advise, CCA always talks about hiring locally. If I was you I would look into just how many people they actually hire locally. Or even better, since they intend to hire so many people locally and always seem to make local hiring promises then I am sure if you really pushed this issue then you could get them to write it into the contract and if you don't then you probably should not be surprised at the actual amount of local hiring they do.

As before, if CCA actually wishes to contact us on the issue of Charlie Peterson's college degree then we will be more than happy to report the companies side of things. But The 270 View is pretty sure we know why they have chosen not to clarify this issue.