Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eleven Homophobic Vance Laughlin's Making Hateful Comments

“Here, everyone gets a fair shake,” says Warden Vance Laughlin of Stewart Detention Center

During Warden Vance Laughlin's very brief and extremely troubled time at Correction Corporation of America's Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia Vance gave a well known immigration reform advocate a tour of the facility. This advocate Vance Laughlin knew had previously organized a protest against the facility and CCA. During this tour of SDC, Vance decided to make homophobic and insulting remarks making fun of a transgendered detainee being detained at the facility to the advocate. Regardless of what Vance Laughlin thinks about transgendered individuals one can only wonder how ignorant and dumb one has to be to make comments mocking this detainee to a very well known advocate for immigration reform and detainee rights.

It's hard to imagine that a company as big as CCA can not manage to get across to it's employees to shut the hell up about making statements this dumb to people when they are leading facility tours. One would also think that CCA would do a much better job of screening Warden applicants to make sure they do not hold discriminatory beliefs like this against detainees or employees who they have been directly placed by CCA in a leadership role over. Instead CCA apparently has an individual like Vance Laughlin selecting it's future Wardens and facility leadership.

Previously Vance Laughlin was also known to of made insulting and homophobic comments about a previous husband of his current wife (while he was assigned to SDC) who Vance alleged had been gay. I am not sure why the alleged sexual orientation of his wife's previous husband affected him but for some reason he felt the need to comment on it in a very graphic and explicit way.

This blog wants CCA to know that it will continue to highlight any alleged hate speech that CCA Warden Vance Laughlin makes. CCA should be aware that by leaving an individual with discriminatory beliefs in a leadership role over detainees, prisoners and employees after it has been brought to CCA's attention, CCA could very well find itself accepting liability for potentially harmful future situations.

I guess Vance Laughlin must of dozed off when they were giving training on the CCA Way corporate dogma and discussing "Respect." I have seen small kids that had school teachers pin notes to them so they did not lose them. Perhaps Vance could staple the CCA Way to his sleeve so that everytime he looked at his sleeve he could be reminded to respect his employees, prisoners and detainees.... even the transgendered ones that he apparently wants to mock and laugh at...

All opinions and allegations expressed here are just that. Please cross check anything you read before forming your own decision.