Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Four Vance Laughlin's Chasing After Unattended Guns

While Vance Laughlin was Warden of the Stewart Detention Center a gun was left unattended within reach of a detainee who was taken to the local hospital in Richland, GA for medical care. It is my understanding that it was left within arms reach of a detainee and that the staff member had sat it down and then left the area. It is my understanding that a Corrections Corporation of America guard received a disciplinary write-up for this.

A few weeks later a second gun was left unattended leaning against the sally port gate/fence area overnight. While Vance could probably not be blamed for the first instance what was remarkable about the second one was that Vance Laughlin implemented a cover-up plan to try and prevent Corrections Corporation of America corporate staff from hearing about it. Vance Laughlin directly told senior managers and assistant wardens not to report the second instance because he would probably get fired.

Corrections Corporation of America and ICE were both previously made aware of this. Yet somehow Corrections Corporation of America keeps a Warden in a leadership position over employees and inmates/detainees even though he engages in deliberate activities to cover-up incidents that should of been reported. It makes this blog wonder what else is going on that CCA or Vance Laughlin might not be reporting.

All opinions and allegations expressed here are just that. Please cross check anything you read before forming your own decision.